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Hydroconductive action is controlled by Darcy’s Law that defines the ability of a fluid to flow through porous media.

Fluid can move from wetter to drier – even against gravity.

The absorption capability depends on thickness and composition of the specific dressing.

The area in contact with the wound surface is nonadherent for easy, atraumatic removal.

Exudate may ooze from cuts or from areas of infection or inflammation.

polyurethane foams, hydrocolloids) and moisture keeping and antibacterial (e.g. During the mid 1990s, synthetic wound dressings expanded into the following groups of products: No single dressing is suitable for all types of wounds.

By dispersing the exudate both vertically and horizontally, Drawtex controls and retains the wound fluid so that it can be transferred to additional layers of Drawtex if needed. Normally, the level of odor in an infected wound is very high.

Wound bed preparation is the management of a wound in order to accelerate endogenous healing or to facilitate the effectiveness of other therapeutic measures. Case studies with Drawtex have shown that it is very effective at reducing odor within the wound bed. How does Drawtex manage the quantity of the exudate? Through Leva Fiber Technology, Drawtex has the ability to lift, hold and transfer the exudate both vertically and horizontally throughout the dressing. Drawtex manages and controls high volumes of exudate.

They may be impregnated or layered in combination with other materials.

Absorption capability depends on thickness and composition.

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An exudate is any fluid that filters from the circulatory system into lesions or areas of inflammation. When an injury occurs, leaving skin exposed, it leaks out of the blood vessels and into nearby tissues.

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