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I’m going to have a movie night for one and I’m going to bloody love my own company.Being alone and feeling lonely are NOT the same thing.I always had a crush on someone and was always trying to figure out who or what to focus on next.I had such intense fear of being alone that my stomach churned anytime one of my friends got a new boyfriend. There, I had more infatuations, more fixations, and more relationships where I constantly tried to make myself into the person I thought would like instead of being myself.You already have all the ingredients you need to live an abundant, fulfilled, exciting and happy life – you just need to know how to access the recipe.Martin Seligman is one of the gurus of the positive psychology movement and he has spent years studying the science of wellbeing.

I brought up this concern to my friend Laura, who gave me a great idea: .Whether it's the jedi mind-trick guys use to make you fall in love or when the right time is to have sex, there's always something to chat about.But in focusing so much on dating other people, it's easy to forget there's an especially important person you should woo: yourself. When I’m dating someone, they’re all I think about. I think about cute and thoughtful things I can do to make them smile and I just generally want to make them happy all the time. I’m bored of the tedious dating app admin that never results in decent chat or even a date. Well, let’s look at what I’m like when I date someone else. I’m going to date myself for a bit because I’m bored of dating other people. I’m bored of the mind games from the people who get under your skin. I’m going to think about what I do when I’m dating someone, like I said above and do that, but for me. Instead of wasting my energy thinking about someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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