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My body is changing so fast and I'm loving every bit of it from my butt to my breast:)and curves.

The only down fault is not having someone to caress every inch of my body. It seems like such a thrill to know that my seed is good and that the two of us will bring another life into this world. I had a tummy tuck 5 months ago and pregnant 5 1/2 I didn't knew I was pregnant when I had surgery and broke up with my fiance for 4 1/2 yrs..

Could you help her and stay around if she needs something? Barbie is going for one last check-up before having a beautiful baby girl! Rapunzel is a beautiful mommy to be,and today is her delivery date. She's about to have a little baby mermaid and she needs to know if everything is going well. Anna is going to have a cute baby princess soon and she needs to visit the doctor for one last check-up!

I've thought pregnant women were amazing for a long time.

I have so many emotions and needs, but it's hard for me to think any man would want to date or just "be with" a pregnant woman.

In a perfect world couples would pro-create and go on to co-parent effectively for 18 years and beyond even if they don’t remain in a romantic relationship.

But in the real world, sadly most women end up single parents before then can even clearly read the positive sign on a pregnancy test.

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