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This is how "Write publicly" and "Write privately" work: The battle chat is accessible during battles.

It is activated by pressing Enter, and is visible in the lower left corner of the screen.

Our chat system exists to serve the main site; users of each site can gather and commune with each other.

When in chat, we expect all users to abide by our Be Nice policy, which means that we expect community members to treat each other with respect.

Police earlier said a minimum of 70 schools had been targeted from around Australia.

New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and ACT police are investigating as are a number of education departments.

Demand to see his Whats App account after you list off for him the behaviors that you have been noticing recently.

Detective Senior Sergeant Miles said officers were working through the images as part of a national investigation into the website."First and foremost, if we identify any children, we'll have to approach the individuals and ascertain the circumstances in which the imagery might have been obtained," he said."We then go into a situation where we explore how the image is disseminated, how it was put on the web.If you can access his Whats App then go into settings and uninstall and reinstall Whats App.While you are reinstalling it will ask if you want to Restore.Sometimes, soft power works better, if the offender seems like a reasonable kind of person. Room owners are users that have some elevated permissions in a chatroom.Typically, they will be the first line of defense when it comes to inappropriate content or behavior in a room.

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The AFP's Acting Superintendent Boorman said they were in the early stages of an investigation.

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