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She stood out as someone who was destined to make a difference in her world.If there is anyone out there whose memory still goes back farther than the last tweet, they will remember the American standup comedian, Jerry Seinfeld.No other part of the globe has experienced such dynamic political and social change in recent years This prize-winning weekly radio program explores the environmental issues facing the world today.Living Planet brings you environmental news, background reports, interviews and features from our international network of correspondents.The announcement follows claims of fraud by the opposition and a lengthy count.A German rescue organization has been sent to assist a vessel operated by a group of anti-immigration Identitarians in the Mediterranean Sea.

Masoud Aqil was an 'Islamic State' prisoner in Syria.

In a surprising escalation of tensions over an ongoing political crisis, Trump has raised the prospect of military action in Venezuela.

The Pentagon has said the White House has not issued any orders to the military.

Whether they are campaigning for free press in Zimbabwe, helping provide clean water in India, or offering free music lessons to underprivileged kids in the UK, young people all over the world are making a difference. Spectrum is a half-hour weekly with developments in the fields of science and technology.

From advances that will change our lives to offbeat oddities, our team of reporters around the world keeps you up to date.

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  1. “For months now [Princeton] has been dming on private twitter accounts harassing me and all of my friends about the people I talk to and just being a plain creep,” he wrote.