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We provide English language Panama news as well as information about all of the other things you need to know if you plan to visit or live here.

We focus on those topics and issues which are of greatest importance to the English speaking expatriate community. I first visited in Panama when I was 18 in 2009 with a Panamanian friend that was studying abroad at my college in Louisville, Kentucky.

From grandiose galas and meticulous meetings to private parties and social soirées Hilton Panama is perfect venue for business meetings, conferences, destination weddings, social events and more.This is a question that I have been asking myself a lot rather lately and although I think I still do not have the "correct" answer I do feel I'm getting there.At Habla Ya we want to offer the best Spanish learning EXPERIENCE and with EXPERIENCE we mean lots of things.Together, these two groups constitute 70 percent of the population.There are four officially recognized Indian ethnic groups (the Kuna, Guaymi or Ngawbe, Embera, and Waunan), which number fewer than 200,000.

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