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However, I have recently I've found myself fantasising about hermaphrodites and watching hermaphrodite pornography, this has confused me and made me question some assumptions about myself.

Part of me still thinks I'm probably straight, because hermaphrodites (at least the ones I find attractive) are still feminine.

They typically have a feminine figure (wide hips, narrow waist, breasts etc) as well as a feminine facial structure, smooth hairless skin and female sexual organs, but then, they do obviously have a penis too.

And if I'm going to be honest, I do fantasise about performing oral sex on them (on both sexual organs), which does seem like a homosexual/bi thing to want.

Then we got kind of hot and heavy, and I massaged her breasts and nipples and then reached down to finger her clitoris, only to find she did not have the stamp of a female but of a male. Now, this was just the first time that had happened to me; this happened to me two other times and I was really out of my wits as to how I could have made such a mistake. Do I have to ask every girl to show me her sex in order to be sure that she is female? Crossdressers usually identify as their biological sex, and many male crossdressers are heterosexual.

I immediately jumped out of the bed and turned on the light and saw that she was a he. I finally did find a girl through a church group and I confided to her and she showed me her female genitals and she was very female. Transsexual folks feel their assigned or anatomical sex isn't the same as the gender and related roles they identify with.

But at the same time I'm not at all aroused by the idea of engaging in sexual activities with a guy.

So my question is whether I'm likely to be straight, gay, bi or whether this is just some kind of strange phase?

I had thought myself to be straight simply because I have never been attracted to another man.Several fighters have weighed in with their opinions on infamous transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, and UFC star Ronda Rousey is the latest to address the hot-button controversy. During a recent interview with the , Rousey heavily criticized Fox for competing in the women's division, stating that she could "try hormones" and "chop her pecker off," but would still have "the same bone structure a man has."Rousey also commented on the UFC's quick decision to suspend Matt Mitrione following his public tirade (via MMA Fighting) against Fox during a recent episode of Rousey said Mitrione worded his views "extremely poorly" and believes the UFC was justified in suspending the heavyweight fighter.But she thinks his sentiments came from the right place.To watch the grazers at work, it would be easy to mistake parrotfish for the bad guys.Their chompers scar the reef with deep gouges and reduce what was once hard stone into nothing more than a cloud of sand, squirted unceremoniously out the fish's backsides. Parrotfish eat the algae that grows on rocks and coral.

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"It's all about real estate on the reef," says White.

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