How to tell if a guy is serious about dating

Deciding on how long to reply, what to say and “to emoji or not to emoji” are very real issues.First and foremost though, you need to decipher his texts and understand what he’s trying to get out of this modern day form of communication.Plus, it doesn’t help that most guys aren’t like Ryan Gosling in and hang from ferris wheels just to get a date.Then again, that might be a little extreme, but still, in most situations it seems like you either wait forever to make a move or it just fizzles out.So read on to find out if he’s feelin’ it or just not that into you.

Sometimes you want to just go with the flow and the relationship seems perfect without the whole commitment-engagement-marriage tag!

You see, the thing about men and relationships is that they would hesitate if they have even a little doubt in their mind about you.

On the other hand, they may show signs if not say it explicitly that he wants a relationship with you.

But, as time passes by and when you see that it’s not too bad after all, you patiently wait for him to either tell you or pop that question!

But how would you know if he also wants a relationship with you?

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When you start seeing someone, not always do you think of settling down and having children with the person, at least not in the first few months.

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