Is reggie bush still dating kim

She's found in West a man to spur her to be better in each aspect of her life — and he's found the same.The pair are not only well-matched, but also seem to be truly, madly, deeply crazy in love."Reggie can't get over Kim, and friends think Kim never got over him either," the friend tells .In fact, many believe the reason Kim filed for divorce from Kris was because she never felt that spark she had with Reggie. "He's definitely told mutual friends that he will be contacting her." As previously reported, Reggie messaged Kim begging for a second chance just days before she wed Kris., January joked that her kind of man was the type with “a ball in their hand.” When she revealed that she slept with Angel Brinks’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Tyreke Evans, drama with Angel ensued. Well, back in 2010 she was rumored to be Reggie Bush’s mistress and was blamed for his breakup with Kim Kardashian.According to her bio, January (who also goes by January Ryan) originally posted to IMDb, January disputes that label, and her bio explains “Scandal hit and January found herself front and center in the middle of a tabloid nightmare after a night out with friends.January kept her head up and hired Gloria Allred to schedule a press release to announce to the world that she was not involved with Reggie, in an effort to save her reputation and her future career as an artist.” January’s bio also claims to have worked with Kelis, who allegedly signed her to a girl band called Groupie.

He’s committed to getting healthy.” As for what may have triggered the meltdown that nearly led to divorce, insiders say Kanye is struggling to cope with the 2007 death of his mother, Donda West.Reggie Bush (being a friend of January for years) went out and stayed at Reggie’s place, January left in the morning only to get photographed by Papparazzi and accused of cheating with Reggie and breaking up Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush’s relationship.The press, fans of Kim’s and even some people in her inner circle started to ridicule her and she became known as a home wrecker.Last week, however, a gradual Kimye reconciliation seemed to begin, as evidenced by the holiday photo that Kanye posted on Instagram.Was it a transparent attempt to send the message that the and Kim had patched things up? But according to sources close to the couple, they are actually making an attempt to rescue their relationship.

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