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Also, the land off the road is private property, so respect the owner’s wishes and do not venture off the road. Llano Photo: Jason Weingart Llano always has great roadside wildflowers.

West of town, Highway 71 runs northwest to the ghost town of Pontotoc.

Marlowe, and they find through the four sessions that, while they come from very different lives, their shared hatred of their parents and their insecurities show they have more in common than they thought.

She begins dating Charles Allen, a rich, handsome boy from her school who tells her that his parents are also going through a divorce.

After losing her virginity to him, Misty finds out that in fact Charles Allen was using her, and his parents were still together. Misty then meets Lloyd, a rebel whose parents really are divorced, and they fall in love.

From there, we rolled out to Richard Hall's for a visit, and then even further out to Pungo to check in with Jack and Hillary Pavlidis.

I went by the Aviation Museum, and then to my Mom's, and finally back home tonight.

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  1. The real truth is two people meet, fall in love, begin living together, and then do just about everything they can to diminish and destroy their love for each other. You've got a better chance of surviving cancer today than you do of having a successful long-term relationship.