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Ever pleasant and always smiling, those men were sincere and happy about their job and their customers. ” “In the OLDEN days.” said Carol Joynt of The New York Social Diary’s Washington page, “absolutely nothing remarkable - either social or sexual - ever happened to me there.alas.” Obviously she didn’t shop on a Friday night.It was the kind of grocery store where you had to look decent when you ventured out as you were always likely to run into someone you knew – and sometimes it was an old boyfriend!

Given the Marina’s vanilla status (in comparison with the rest of SF), I consider that high praise.The Marina Safeway was opened in 1959 and is the definitive design for the “Marina style” of Safeway supermarkets that were built over the next decade: an arched entrance, with full windows on the front (2).The Marina style feels a bit mega-church-y, and given Americans’ relationship with food, I’d say that’s an apt sentiment.But since by scanning & bagging myself I'm doing the cashier's job, there should be some sort of discount on my purchases. Sure, it was a bit of a bother in the beginning, I'm still learning where to find all of the produce in the menu system, and there are still too many hiccups in the process where you're forced to "wait for an attendant" (discounted items, etc.).But if you're like me and typically only buy a small amount of groceries (shopping for one) I find that I can get in and out of Stupidstore more rapidly using the self-checkout than if I waited in the "12 items or less" checkout line.

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